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8th years anniversary Bonus

5th years anniversary

8th years anniversary Bonus

  • 8th anniversary Deposit MYR50 free MYR15.
  • Deposit : MYR50

    Deposit MYR50 free MYR15 minimum withdraw MYR325.
  • No rollover requirement.
  • This promotion not available for Xe-88, Live22, Sportsbook and 4D.
  • Just from slot game only ,this promo one day only can claim Three Time .

Terms and conditions

  • This promotion starts on 00:00:00 11 Feb 2020
  • Promotion applies to all winlive2u existing or new members. Member may only have one active bonus in their account at any one time.
  • Any deposit transaction that not select this promotion will not be entertain.
  • Draw result, both sides bet, voided or cancelled games are excluded in turnover calculation.
  • reserves the right to cancel this promotion at any time, either for all players or individual player.
  • Subjected to terms of use of
    If we find that a member creates more than one account (including the same name, same email address, same contact number, same bank account, login to the same computer, same IP, same Internet cafe, single note), we will treat these The account serves as the account of the organization. Therefore, we have to terminate the account right, and the credit will be permanently frozen. If a member wants to create more than one account, please consult our representative through “Line Consultation”.
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